Legacy Law Firm Merger

Dear Friends:

I am very excited to announce the merger of The Legacy Law Firm, LLC with Burke Faulkner Law, P.A. effective May 8, 2017. The firm will operate under the name Burke Faulkner Law, P.A.  We will operate from the office located at 3106 Palm Harbor Boulevard North, Suite B, Palm Harbor, Florida 34683, the phone number will remain unchanged and an additional phone number is 727-781-7428. Our website will be burkefaulknerlaw.com, and my email will become cristin@burkefaulknerlaw.com, though my current email will continue to be operational for a few months.

I hope you will join me in celebrating this major milestone. I look forward to continuing our professional relationship.  Please visit the new website here to meet the new lawyers.

Very Truly Yours,




Cristin Buell, Esq.

Burke Faulkner Law, P.A.

3106 Palm Harbor Blvd. N., Suite B

Palm Harbor, FL 34683




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